Authentication & Provenance

Authentication & Provenance: As other recognised authentication services will tell you, provenance is a function of a number of different criteria which I would characterise under the following headings:

1 Origin & Traceability - The Who, What, When, and How ? The Items' source, it's ownership trail, and is this information supported by documented evidence ?

2 Identity & Association - Is the item intrinsically well known or easy to associate with a particular facet of the person's life, career or of some other particular significance ?

3 Trust - Does the item come from a recognised and respected source. Do you trust the seller. what are there credentials ?

4 Description - Is the item description accurate in documenting the artifacts origin and evidencing traceability. Do the people, places and dates all stack up ? Is the story of how the item was originally obtained and subsequently transferred between owners plausible ? Is there any corroborating evidence ?

5 ConditionIs the items condition consistent with its age and similar artifacts of the period ?

6 Comparison with known exemplars - How does the item compare with known authenticated documents of the same type e.g. personal checks, contracts, letters, "in-person" signed autographs from the same contemporary time period.

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