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SANUK is an English alliteration of the Thai word "sanuk" - meaning to have a good time, to enjoy oneself and to derive pleasure and joy from something. It is almost a rule of living for Thai people that whatever they do they have to be "sanuk".  So how does this relate to my business and personal interests ? Well "sanuk" to me is about focusing your energies on endeavours that you are passionate about, things that really make you happy or from which you derive maximum pleasure or satisfaction whether this be in your personal or professional life. In my case this would include the following passionate obsessions....

  • Care for one's own family and responsibility to the wider community
  • A love for music in general, and in particular the works of a Mr. Elvis Presley (1935-77)
  • A passion for technology and its ability to drive improvements to people's lives
  • A dedication to my local football team: Leicester City FC
  • A fascination with the hero's, past and present, together with ordinary people doing extraordinary things to help shape our lives and futures.

...from all of which at different times during each day I derive a certain "sanuk".  I hope you all find your own "sanuk".

Most of all "sanuk" both literally and metaphorically for me has a special meaning in that each letter represents the initials of my nearest and dearest:

SANUK Signature Memorabilia Logo

  • Sophie
  • Arthur
  • Neelam
  • Unseela
  • Kimberley and Kathleen

So with love and affection I called my company Sanuk Enterprises Limited in tribute to all those I hold dear.  Please forgive me this indulgence.


Mr. G. A. Gomersall. (CEO and Founder of the Sanuk Group of companies)