Ron Howard signed 8x10

Actor and Director Ron Howard signed 8x10.


Richard Attenborough signed photo

Superb vintage black and white photograph of distinguished actor and director Richard Attenborough. Photograph is 5.5 x 3.5 inches and is in excellent condition. Signature is written in blue ink and reads "Best Wishes Richard Attenborough 1948 x"


Jack Nicholson signed as the "Joker"

Movie legend Jack Nicholson signed photograph as the "Joker" from Batman. Signature is in clear red sharpie marker pen.

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Charlton Heston signed 10x8

American film actor, TV star and popular music vocalist Will Smith signed 10x8 photo. Fine example in clear bold marker pen. Signature is un-dedicated.


Lionel Jeffries hand-written letter (ALS)

Actor and director (of "The Railway Children") Lionel Jeffries hand-written letter (ALS) re: fellow british actor Terry-Thomas.


Herbert Lom signed letter (ALS)

Actor Herbert Lom hand-written signed letter (ALS) on headed note paper re: fellow actor Terry-Thomas


George Kennedy hand signed 10x8 photo

George Kennedy hand signed 10x8 photo. Autograph obtained in person by Signature Memorabilia staff

SKU George_Kennedy_hand_signed_10x8_photo

Ernest (Ernst) Borgnine hand signed 10x8 photo

Ernest (Ernst) Borgnine hand signed 10x8 photo. Signature is in black sharpie marker pen and was obtained in-person by Signature Memorabilia staff. A nice example on a great photograph


Actor Edward Fox signed 10x8 photograph

Hand-signed autograph of English stage and screen star Edward Fox. Famous for his starring roles in movies such as "The Day of The Jackal" and "A Bridge Too Far" and for his consumate performance in the award winning TV drama series "Edward and Mrs. Simpson".

Obtained in person, a nice clean autograph in blue sharpie marker pen.


1973 Vincent Price Autograph Check

April 3, 1973 autographed celebrity check from V.L. Vincent Price Jr. 6"x2 3/4", very good condition.


Bing Crosby Signed Letter

World War II contemporary film memorabilia - signed letter from crooner Bing Crosby dated 15th December 1944 in which he highlights his intentions of sending signed photographs to service personnel engaged in the war - and also his hopes for a quick return to peace.

In excellent condition and original - Letter measures 10.5 inches x 7.25 inches with two folds.


Bob Hope signed 7"x5" Photograph

File memorabilia - hand signed photograph of Bob Hope - inscribed with the message - "Thanks for the memoray". Superb example in excellent condition. Photograph measures 7x5 inches.

A recent find, having been stored away in a scrap book along with hundreds of signed photographs of second World War era film stars.


Tobey Mcguire signed 8x10

Spiderman Tobey Mcguire signed 8x10.


Fagin drawn and signed by Ron Moody

Ron Moody hand drawn and signed large 11x8 inch "Fagin" drawing on card signed "Love Ron Moody, 2011" and he has added the charity name to the top of the drawing i.e. "HELP FOR HEROES!".


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