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Versatility IV is the fourth member of the popular Versatility template series. The themes are not named likely, and are strict to their names, that being their versatility, flexibility and adaptability being the core features. The templates are dynamic, and can easily change via Joomla / template configuration in order to produce a diverse range of layouts and looks.

Template Overview

Versatility 4 Flexibility

Learn more about Versatility 4's many configuration, layout and modular options and see the power of its' flexibility and versatility in action. Watch Now!

General Features

  • 7 column layout: You can display up to 7 columns in Versatility IV, between the banner2 to the banner3 position. A varied range of position options allow you to display with site in entirely different ways, on each page.
  • Entirely collapsing positions: The positions can collapse, i.e. if no modules are published to those positions, then the whole position will no longer become active. This allows for a high degree of flexibility as you can have a page with a range of different column amounts and in different clusters (i.e. 2 to the left followed by the main body or the main body followed by 2 right columns or any range of possible combinations). Similarly, the menu has the ability to collapse completely if you wish to only utilise the side menu modules.
  • Diverse modular styling: Module Hilites / Suffixes are in abundance with this template. There are 10 hilites, each offering something different, whether that be colour or structure. Therefore, with the vast assortment of layout possibilities from the above point, each module within the position can be individualised with ease.

Wrapped Mode

The template has the ability, via template configuration, to wrap / unwrap itself. To clarify, this affects 2 areas of the theme, these are the header and footer areas. You will notice as default, the header / horizontal menu extends to the full width of the browser window, the same can be said of the footer area. You can set these to display like this, or choose a wrapped mode in which the the header and footer areas would be restricted to the overall template width. Also, these can be set independently such as wrapping the footer but not the header and vice versa. Check the template configuration as noted below:-
A few examples of the different configurations can be seen in the below screenshots:-

Wrapped Mode Unwrapped Mode
Header Wrapped Footer Wrapped

Move the Module Slider with ease

The Module Slider (also termed RokSlide) is an integrated feature of the template so in general, is static and cannot move to various locations. However, in Versatility IV, there is a template configuration option which allows you to choose from 5, pre-defined locations. These are left(in the left column); right(in the right column); bottom(above the advert area); mid-top(above the mainbody) and mid-bottom(below the mainbody). Check the template configuration as noted below:-
A few examples of the different configurations can be seen in the below screenshots:-

Left Right
Mid-Top Mid-Bottom

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